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Cycling coach teaching a child to pedal her bike.

Learn to Ride Classes

Learn to Balance Class

Using the “Balance-first method” of teaching the student to balance on a bike with the pedals removed, students first learn how to balance by sitting on the seat and pushing while their feet are flat on the ground. Once students can propel themselves forward, and balance, ("glide") while holding their feet off the ground for 20'- 30', they are ready to learn to pedal. 


Most students learn to balance during the first or second class, but it will take additional practice to master pedaling, starting, stopping, turning, shifting gears and handling in general.  


Beginner bike riding lessons are held in a spacious car-free area in the Mueller neighborhood. Registration is $99 per student for each class. Classes consist of 2-6 students. Classes are 90 minutes long and for children riders, include the use of a high-quality woom bike and helmet. I can also provide a full-size bike for adult riders. For confirmed registrations, woom bikes is offering a 15% one-time discount on it's awesome kid's bikes and accessories! 

Learn to Pedal Class

Once the student is balancing on a bike the next lesson is learning to pedal. By first learning to balance, students can now practice their new skill while learning to pedal. Instruction includes learning how to start/stop, as well as basic bike handling skills such as turning and maneuvering. This class is not for children who have only been on training wheels, they will need to take the Learn to Ride Class first. Learn to Pedal classes are scheduled as needed. Click here to contact me for class dates. 


Contact me at for upcoming class dates. 

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