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Bike Education Resources

Check out the information on this page to help you or your child become a more competent, confident bike rider! 

Learn to Ride

In 2023, with funding from woom bikes, i had the opportunity to utilize my 30 years of experience in teaching children to ride bikes safely toward the co-creation of the first national Learn to Ride curriculum. The curriculum includes a video (in English and Spanish), a one pager with information for parents on teaching their child to ride, and an Instruction Manual for Instructors. More info. here:

Ride with increased competence and confidence

The League of American Bicyclists provides online learning as well as where to find a class. Learn to ride instruction for adults is also available here.
High Quality Children's Bikes

Since 2018, I have had the privilege of working with woom Bikes, the producers of the highest quality children's bikes on the market. What makes woom bikes special? They are very light weight! The nimbleness of the bikes makes it so much easier to ride as well as making it more fun! Historically, children's bikes have been made very inexpensively, which translates into a heavy bike, weighing  25 lbs. or more, 2/3 of the child's own bodyweight! woom bikes are very lightweight, with aluminum frames and ergonomically engineered components. In other words, they are the best children's bikes on the market!
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