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Start Biking Today

With 30 years of experience, I offer lessons to children and adults on how to ride a bike safely and confidently. Let me help you start your biking journey today!

Doug Ballew

I have been teaching children and adults to ride bikes safely since 1994 and am certified as a League of American Bicyclist Cycling Instructor (LCI #511). With Austin Public Health, I led bike safety initiatives that included "Helmet Power", "Travis County Supercyclists", and the "Austin/Travis County Safe Routes to School Project" positively impacting thousands of people. After retiring from APH, with assistance from woom bikes, I began offering personalized instruction in Austin, Tx. for people of all ages on how to gain the life-long skill of riding a bike. I currently offer Learn to Ride classes as well as private lessons for intermediate/advanced riders on how to ride more confidently and competently. Contact me at for more info. 

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